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Apr 15, 2021

Briana's Story

As a kid, Briana had no idea she was homeless. Her parents were both drug dealers and users, but they hid it from their children. About ten years ago, when her parents became sober and wanted a better life for their kids, the family came to The Salvation Army shelter.

Soon after her family came to The Salvation Army, Briana became involved in the children’s music program and discovered her ultimate passion – playing the cornet. In the past decade, she has grown to be an accomplished musician, playing the cornet and trumpet for The Salvation Army band, including three performances in the annual Rose Bowl Parade.

Briana recently graduated from high school, and plans to study music education at a university in New Zealand, hoping to someday to be able to inspire and teach music to the next generation.

Youth of all ages come through our doors. Some want to learn a new skill after school rather than going home to an empty house. Some need an adequate dinner or help with homework. Others just want to have a conversation with someone who is willing to listen. No matter what the need, we see each child’s potential in life and help them see hope for a bright future.

Helping youth is a priority for The Salvation Army. Our programs include free after-school homework tutoring and computer labs, athletic activities, and music lessons. In the summertime, our day camp and sleep-away camps provide fun in a supervised environment.

After School Programs: The Salvation Army operates after-school programs in low and moderate-income neighborhoods across King County. These programs provide children with a safe place to play and learn in a supervised and constructive environment.

Camp: Thousands of children from low-income families enjoy fresh air, exercise and new friendships at annual summer camp programs. The camping experience is more than just a pleasant vacation. Children learn new skills and self-reliance; trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them to mature.

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