Sep 16, 2020

The Kalani Family Story

Honolulu was the only home the “Kalani” family ever knew. They dismissed any thought of ever leaving. A few years ago, ‘’Ann’s” husband was hurt on a construction job site, and never recovered properly. When her cousin in Washington offered them plane tickets and a temporary place to stay, she knew that they had to make the move.

They arrived in Washington during the summer, and lived with extended family for three months. Unfortunately, they had to leave as the weather began to turn to fall. Within weeks, temperatures dropped and they began looking for a shelter that would accept their family. Family shelters are rare, but one did accept them, The Salvation Army.

Soon Ann found full-time work at a local grocery store and after a few months, she had saved enough for the security deposit on an apartment. The Salvation Army was there again – assisting with the Section 8 application, helping with move-in costs, beds, and other basic furniture. “It’s been a hard few years,” recalled Ann. “But I finally feel like we are home.”

A safe, warm place to sleep at night is an important part of getting – or keeping – a life on track. Our emergency housing programs provide safety for people in danger. And, our transitional housing programs help them graduate to independent living. We offer temporary housing and support services for individual adults, and some areas are able to accommodate young adults and families.

Emergency Housing: When life throws a curveball, people can count on a warm bed to sleep in. If someone has lost their housing and need immediate help, they are able to stay at one of our emergency housing facilities.

Transitional Housing: When someone needs a place to stay after gaining independence our transitional housing program offers shelter until they find a permanent place to live. If they’ve been evicted, are dealing with an addiction, face a domestic breakup or have another type of housing crisis, they are welcomed with open arms.

Eviction Prevention: Housing challenges can be unpredictable and happen to anyone. If a family is faced with eviction, The Salvation Army provides funding for emergency rental assistance.

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